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" A Taste Of The Yukon "

Yukon Spring water brings you 100% natural ozonated spring water with the taste of freshness and purity that could come only from Canada's Yukon. Yukon Spring water does not contain chlorine, fluoride or other chemical additives and has no calories.

What Yukon Spring water does contain is pure, diamond clear water with trace amounts of those natural elements, such as calcium and magnesium, essential to good health. These beneficial elements are part of what “mother nature” has added to water for those who will only settle for the best.

Yukon Spring water is bottled at the source and at the original temperature of the spring. Even though the water is filtered and ozonated, for your protection, you are assured that this beverage is as pure and clear as if you were dipping it from the spring yourself.

Yukon Spring water is as crystal clear, fresh, natural and pure as the beautiful country and source from which it originates. Our water is simply the purest and best-tasting to be found throughout the world.

Taking it's name from the Indian word “Diuke-on” meaning “clear water”, the Yukon Territory occupies Canada's north western most corner. Bounded by the Beaufort Sea, British Columbia and the Northwest Territories, it is a large, unspoiled and sparsely populated region of rugged natural beauty. Spanning nearly half a million square kilometers, the Yukon is inhabited by fewer than 35,000 people. Its population density of 7 people per 100 square kilometers is one of the lowest of any Canadian region.



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