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" A Taste Of The Yukon "

Yukon Spring, your local bottled water supplier is moving to make every day "EARTH DAY".

In conjunction with KN Machinery Inc., the supplier of BIB Packaging and Cardia Bioplastics Limited, the supplier of Cadria Biohybrid TM technology, Yukon Spring is now offering a bag in bag packaging system to replace the bulky 18.9L bottle which have been in use since its inception in 1988.

The global shift toward green companies has been gaining significant impetus as individuals, companies and all levels of governments are striving to diminish their impact on the environment and looking to new technologies that can reduce their carbon footprint.

With the Cardia Biohybrid TM film used for our packaging we have become a leader in the Canadian bottled water industry.

We at Yukon Spring are looking forward to working with KN Machinery Inc. and Cardia Bioplastics Limited to bring you a more sustainable future through innovation and use of more environmentally friendly packaging materials.

Spring Water in a Bag Spring Water in a Bag

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Spring Water in a Bag Spring Water in a Bag

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