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" A Taste Of The Yukon"

BPA Concerns...
In 2008 there was a major concern in the media regarding BPA (Bis phenol-A). According to several Health Canada reports the only bottles that have been banned in Canada are baby bottles. The concern is that BPA mimics naturally occurring estrogen and cannot be detoxified in babies, therefore resulting in the early onset of sexual maturity and other health issues. We at Yukon Spring Inc. have taken steps to remove all bottles containing BPA out of our rotating stock.

Recycling concerns...
There is an ongoing concern about plastic bottles in the landfills. We, in the bottled water industry are being targeted in regard to plastic bottles in landfill sites. To our knowledge all of our plastic bottles used for bottling water, here at Yukon Spring Inc., are recyclable and we promote the recycling symbol on our labels and bottles. The bottled water industry has no control over what consumers do with the empty bottles, we would hope that they recycle them. We also use 100% recyclable boxes for packaging our small bottles.

Regulation concerns...
On occasion the media has made reference to bottled water companies not being regulated. Here at Yukon Spring Inc. we have to adhere to the Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality as set out by the CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) and we are monitored regularly. We have our water tested bi-weekly by our local municipal government for E-Coli and total coliform. As well, we have our water tested annually by an independent laboratory (please reference Water Analysis reports section of the website). To date, our company has followed all regulations and guidelines as set out by the Federal Government.



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