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" A Taste Of The Yukon"

Jack London drank it and made mention of it in his well known book, The Call of the Wild. Robert Service drank it as he travelled the northern land and he wrote about it in his poetry, using it as a symbol of strength and power. During the Klondike Gold Rush of 1898, more than 50,000 miners drank it as they struggled over the mountains and down the Yukon River to Dawson in the hope of finding vast nuggets of gold. Even the beloved fictional character Sergeant Preston of the North West Mounted Police and his mighty dog, King, both drank it as they mushed through the "Land of the Midnight Sun", upholding the law and always getting their man.

The drink that these famous men of the north had in common was the pure, brilliant water of Canada's great Yukon Territory.

The water starts as tiny flakes of snow that fall in the silent mountains during the long cold winters and accumulate layer on layer to become vast alpine snow fields. In the spring, as the days get longer and sun grows stronger this snow starts to melt and form trickles that become torrents and cascade down the mountain valleys and into the clean, flowing rivers and clear, cold, northern lakes. Many of the rivers form rapids and waterfalls as they rush across the land in search of the sea.

Some of this water slips silently and unnoticed into underground channels where it passes through nature's own filter system, those beds of gravel and black sand that sometimes contain yet undiscovered nuggets of gold. In serene and secret places these underground streams return to the surface become natural springs of pure, clear, refreshing water.

It is this water, and the majestic land from which it comes that sustained the stampeders of the gold rush as well as Sergeant Preston and inspired both Service and London. Now it is your turn to share in this pure and life enhancing liquid, this nectar of the gods.

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