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“You and Your Water Dispenser”

People spend a lot of money buying clean bottled water and tend to forget that their water coolers need to be cleaned and sanitized regularly. In most cases, that clean water gets soiled when it goes into a contaminated water cooler. Damp environments always grow bacteria quickly, especially when not cleaned on a regular schedule. This happens more quickly when the cooler does not have a filter for the replacement air.

With every passing year, people are becoming more and more concerned with bacteria. And as research shows, almost every water cooler has bacteria levels many times higher than the maximum that the government recommends as safe. Not only that, but over 1/3 of household water dispensers have at least one disease causing form of bacteria. The main reason for this is that the coolers are not regularly cleaned and sanitized.

Simple soaping will not work, since scrubbing in the small waterways like the faucet paths and various tubes cannot be done.

Modern research has demonstrated that bleach (chlorine) solutions do not kill all the bacteria, like once thought. The bacterial biofilm acts as a protective shield for the bacteria cell and makes them an amazing 150 to 3,000 times more difficult to kill. This all depends on the types of bacteria found in the dispenser. Wiping with a bleach solution only works in the areas of the dispenser that can be reached but the internal tubing can still retain bacteria cells which are shielded by the biofilm, so populations return even after cleaning.

The alternative to not cleaning the dispenser is to allow bacteria to develop biofilm slime which can get thick enough to see by the human eye. And when that much forms, the water contains many billion bacteria, which in turn causes high quantities of bacteria to populate the water.

Our sanitizing system at Yukon Spring Inc. includes complete disassembly and physical cleaning which precedes the use of ozone* to sanitize every nook and cranny to protect you, the consumer.

*ozone destroys all types of bacteria as well as fungi, viruses and protozoa such as E Coli, Giardia lamblia, Vibrio cholerae, Legionella pneumophila, Crytosporidium parvum, Salmonella, Campylobacter jejuni, Shigella sonnei, Entamoeba histolytica, Yersinia enterocolitica and even the most heat resistant viruses like Hepatitis A


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