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Whitehorse, Yukon
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" A Taste Of The Yukon"

- Boys and Girls Club of Whitehorse
- Yukon Child Care Association
- Linda Hilton (HILT)


The Boys and Girls Club of Whitehorse would like to take this opportunity to thank Yukon Spring for all the amazing contributions they have made to our club house over the past five years

Yukon Springs has been a wonderful sponsor and partner for the Boys and Girls Club of Whitehorse. The delivery people are always patient and polite, giving us an adequate heads up before arriving with deliveries. Deliveries are prompt, with orders being filled within two days of being placed. Their water cooler and regular maintenance on it are a welcome contribution. Their water is a quality product.

Thank you Yukon Springs, we look forward to continuing our relationship with you. With your help we believe that we can continue to help the youth in our community for years to come and make their club house a safe and exciting place to be.

Dave Blottner
Program Manager
Boys & Girls Club of Whitehorse



The Yukon Child Care Association wishes to express gratitude to Yukon Springs for their awesome generosity and service at our annual conferences two years in a row. It is such a pleasure and convenience to have fresh quality water and dispensers available to our members.




Linda Hilton (HILT)

"I am a long time, committed Yukon Springs customer for a number of reasons the first most being IT TRULY TASTES BETTER than tap water. No chlorine smell either. Just the best. I fill up my stainless steel water bottles to go (no wasted plastic empties or lesser quality water for me!) And their service is as GREAT as the water. What else is there to say? "Try it. You'll like it"!!







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Nikki and Paul drinking Yukon Spring-Premium water

   "The multi-generational beverage
                       of choice"