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Surface of the water with water drop
92281 Alaska Highway
Whitehorse, Yukon
Y1A 4K9
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" A Taste Of The Yukon "


After 23 years in business it was time to make a change. We drafted up some building plans and started breaking ground in late April 2011. Yukon Spring Atco Trailer













Moving the old building (above) and making way for the new (below)

Yukon Spring New Building

Our goal was to be energy efficient, allowing us to reduce our CARBON FOOTPRINT and be as GREEN as possible. We had been working out of an old ATCO trailer and space was at a premium. It took approximately 6 months and we were in our new 60 x 60 building. This building was designed to hold heat in the winter and keep cool in the summer. The building is insulated above and beyond code (walls = R58, ceiling = R72, floor = R42), all the windows are quad glazed, we opted to go with tankless water heaters as they are 50% more efficient than the tank type, and we also installed in floor heating. We chose to go with propane as a heat source as it burns at 90% efficiency, opposed to oil that burns at 80% efficiency. We also installed a propane generator in the event of power outages so that we could still operate.

Animation with water glass, water fall and H2O Sign

Nikki and Paul drinking Yukon Spring-Premium water

   "The multi-generational beverage
                       of choice"